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The Enchanted Garden

Designed and made exclusively for the runway, as seen in Elle and Glamour magazines.
Prices in New Zealand Dollars

Taking inspiration from my rural backyard, this NYFW collection is called the Enchanted Garden.

It is about our planet Earth and our shared experience of human nature.

There are 8 looks, each referencing examples of the simple, everyday magic that connect and inspire us all ... how, wherever we may be in the world, we gaze up at the same full moon ... or wish upon the same stars:

1.Starry Night  2.Birdsong  3.Blue Skies  4.Rain  5.Fauna  6.Sunshine  7.Moonlight  8.Flora

The Enchanted Garden collection has been handmade with thought, from vintage and recycled materials collected over many years.

These are statement pieces with a mythological Amazon vibe ... when you wear them you feel powerful.

The intention is empowerment through adornment ... get Goddess ready to take on the world!